Real Estate Agent's must-have items in the car

Getting Started Oct 24, 2019

As a real estate agent, you only spend a few hours in the office. When you are nurturing leads and finding the perfect house for your clients, the car is your office for the day. So having a few key items with you could improve the overall experience but also be a deal breaker. So keep reading!

A few items in this list are very obvious but worth reminding and others will be a great tip. That's why we added amazon friendly links to many of them for you to shop.

Read below for 12 items that every real estate agent should have in their car.

1) A Tablet

A tablet or a phone are very obvious items. You can call, search for new listings, show screenshots, photos, videos, take notes, save contact information, and so much more. Showing pictures from a tablet is more comfortable and beautiful to see than from a phone. So don't forget them!  

2) A charger for every phone

Most tablets have batteries that last all day long. But sometimes your calculations might be off, so always keep a charger with you. Also, sometimes you might have to take your clients with you, so having a multi-charger that works for any phone is a great idea.

3) Toothbrush

Having a dental hygiene kit with you it's not only good practice to wash your teeth after every meal, but it's also nice to freshen up for the next meeting. So it's always a nice idea to have disposable mini toothbrush with you.

4) Snacks, gum, water

It goes without saying that having some snacks it's very important. Not only for yourself but to offer to your clients. Some nice items would be gum, mini packages of peanuts or grain bars. Fries or greasy food can slow you down and make your car a mess, so also keep everything tidy up.

5) Sanitation products

After eating those snacks, it's always good to use some wipes for your hands. And you never know what you are going to find in a property. You are all day touching doorknobs, countertops, greeting people. So clean after with sanitizer gel to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. There's even sanitizing gel with nice smells.  

6) Home cleaning & repair

We've heard it all. From dusty to dead rats, you never know what's going to surprise you during a house visit, especially if it's been empty for months. So keep a few cleaning products in your car, like: cleaning wipes, air freshener, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags and a vacuum cleaner. A great idea would be to go ahead to the site and take a look around to avoid nasty surprises.

And even some repair tools might be useful to fix a doorknob that's not working correctly, like a tool kit with screwdriver, pliers and scissors.

7) Change of clothes

It's normal to have events at night, and it's not always a possibility to go home and change. And if you are all day out, having a set of clothes to change can be very useful and practical. So have some sneakers to get comfortable while driving, t-shirt, socks, a suit, dress and even makeup or an electric shaver to clean up. Plan ahead and you'll be a pro at been presentable.

8) Printouts of listings

Some areas have no internet signal nor wi-fi. So always have some printout of your listings to be able to have an uninterrupted day. Another great idea is to have screenshots from your website and listings if you don't want to print and waste paper.

10) Business cards

Yes, they are still used today, so give them to your clients but also leave one in every house you visit so the seller can contact you.

11) Brochures

If you are selling houses from a pre-construction it's nice to have their brochures to show to your clients. They have more information and it's nice to look into it while driving to the location.

12) Information of local businesses

If you are an expert of a location it's a good idea to have brochures and information of local restaurants, plazas or shopping malls to showcase your knowledge.

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