The Guide to Real Estate Lead Generation you have to read!

Academy Oct 16, 2019

Constantly looking for new leads can be overwhelming, exhausting and it might seem like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. As a Real Estate agent, you've probably tried one or several approaches to it (or none?). And, as we can all agree, there's no such thing as enough leads! Here's a guide for you to up your game in lead generation as never before.

We created a step by step guide that works even if you are not experienced at all in marketing. Follow these 11 steps to get ahead for a great start!

1) Plan Ahead

One of the many mistakes realtors do is market without a plan. And, of course, you are overwhelmed! You have no way to know if you are at the beginning, half way thru or at the end of a campaign. Marketing without a plan is giving yourself a side dish of stress every single day.

You can start with a simple marketing plan and slowly add more actions once you get used to it. As you can see in the diagram below, generating a marketing plan is very simple and it will give you and your team a clear road to follow.

2) Create a Professional Website

It might seam obvious, but we've seen enough realtor website's to know that this is not the case. There are many ways to get this done, and it's not something you will want to save money or cut corners.

A website is the business card for technological times. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors, says 95% of buyers use the internet at some point in the buying process. So, you wanna have a website to have someplace to attract customers and all your marketing efforts.

You can easily create landing pages and single property websites with your contact information in a professional modern design with Listiway. And start engaging leads as soon as possible.

3) Reach for Old Customers

Have you talked to your old customers lately? Did you send something for their birthday or the holidays? 64% of an agent's business comes from existing customers, according to the National Association of Realtors.

That is where social media is useful, for community building. Stay in touch and these clients will likely come back to you and recommend you. Word of mouth is the best marketing because its free, but it means you have to take care of your old customers every now and then.

4) SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it basically entails all the work you can do in your website to rank better in Google. This means uploading good size pictures, use keywords in every picture name before uploading, add at least 300 words, use keywords in the url, using videos, using images, blogging, etc.

It might seam like a lot of work, but doing a little bit of it every single day, is a good way to start.

5) Landing Pages or Single Property Websites

If you already have a website, you know how hard it is to drive traffic to it. So when you do have traffic, converting them into a lead is crucial.

The problem is that most real estate websites are not prepared to make that conversion because they don't have the proper information or a contact form to capture that lead. With Listiway you can easily do this and more.

That's why a landing page is very important. Realtors can create landing pages for different purposes filled with information about a specific topic:

  • Single Property Websites
  • Open House invitation
  • Community information
  • Buyer Guides
  • Luxury Listings or Pre-construction listings.
  • Blogging about interesting topics

6) Analyze your competition

Reinventing the wheel is not for everybody. It takes a lot of time and money to do it. And when you are in a hurry or in need of some sells right now, it is not recommended to loose time in designing or strategizing.

So doing a little investigation and planning your marketing around it might be a good idea. Searching what your competition is doing can be a great indicator of what you have to do to get more leads in you area. See what they are doing online. How's their website structured? What content are they creating? What are they doing on social media? Search their name and see if any newscaster is talking about them online.

Look what they are doing on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. And go even further by going to one of their Open Houses or events and see what they do. Meet people and talk.

And then create your marketing plan with all the information you gathered, implement it, and adjust accordingly. You'll see how easy it is and how fast.

7) Open Houses

If you have a house, condo or business to sell you have to do an Open House. Even if the property doesn't sell, you can get a list of potential buyers, do some networking and even get some insight on current market needs.

You can do it in the weekend for a few hours, offer a few appetizers and get their contact information with a sign-in sheet to keep record of all your new potential customers. Remember to offer a tour but also let them walk on their own, sometimes people like to get things done. That's why a sign-in sheet is important so you can keep track with them later without overwhelming your visitors.

Check out this guide to sign-in sheets to learn more and to get free templates to download.

8) Google Adwords

For realtors, doing ads in Google Adwords is a key action to get new leads and lifelong loyal customers. But it's not easy, it's not cheap and it takes time. Google Adwords changed their algorithm a few months ago, and it made it very difficult to have results instantly. You have to have patience, but the results will be there.

So invest in it, at least 500$ to start and use local keywords to get into more targeted areas. Also use negative keywords, so you don't appear in searches that are not your target.

For example if you want to do an ad for houses in Miami, use for keywords: miami house for sale, miami realtor, miami home realtor, etc. And use as negative keywords: rent, for sell by owner, condo, townhouse, etc.

9) Social Media

Social Media can be easy if you use it correctly: as a community building platform. Don't expect to make sales. But it's great to keep your current customers up to date, to showcase your knowledge and to show your commitment to the community. Posting images, videos and even virtual tours can be very beneficial. Videos are high converting, so start videotaping all your behind the scenes, open houses and home tours!

10) Local partnerships

There's many businesses in your area, so it's a great idea to visit them constantly to create loyal relationships and to spread word-of-mouth of your services. Engage in your community!

11) Email

Definitely the best tool a realtor can have: email marketing. The secret is to segment your emails into categories to send each customer a semi-personalized email that's going to be high converting. For example divide them into categories like: luxury, homes and rent.

There are many platforms that you can do this for free and even create a  customized design. For example Mailchimp or Sendgrid.

Be present but don't be overwhelming. Generate content that serves a purpose and it's interesting to your audience.

Sonia B.

Content Creator and Graphic Designer with more than 9 years experience in Marketing, Advertising and Social Media.