5 Easy Sales Script Tips to Wow Your Leads.

Getting Started Oct 23, 2019

Selling a property is not only part of the day to day operations for a realtor. Knowing what to say to convince someone to buy or sell with you is also important. That's why you shouldn't start talking and expect it to go right, you should have a script ready to use with you. Keep reading to know 5 tips and tricks professional and experienced realtors do to sell.

1) Prepare a Script

Whether you make one from scratch or create your own, be sure to read it a few times to know every fact before hand. If you are preparing to make some calls or preparing for an in-person meeting with buyers or sellers, you’ll want to read your script over and over again. Practice your opening lines and the specific key selling points to say it with confidence and to assure your lead you know what you are talking about.

Introduce yourself very quickly, to the point, but in a effective way. Example: "I've sold houses for the last 20 years in this neighborhood, I know all there is to know about this place".  

2) Know your audience

Before starting to talk about how wonderful this property might be for children, ask your lead or potential client what they are looking for. "Don't judge a cover before reading the book". Without knowing, you might say the wrong thing and they will leave before you know it. So always ask first and then start adjusting your pitch accordingly.

3) Be attentive

If it's a meeting, make sure everyone has something to drink and snack. If it's by phone make small conversation and ask how their day has gone. Not everything is business, make it fun and enjoyable.

Energy is always good, don't yawn or speak slowly, that will make the moment very boring. It's important to read the room and adjust to your clients speed and vocabulary.

Maybe they are buying their first home and this a big step in their life. So make it memorable. That way they will recommend you to others, and in the future come back again to you. Impactful moments are in the small details.

4) Go to the point

People don't want to know every detail of your life or to speak of their own, they want to know all about the property. For example, if you are doing an Open House, go to the point, tell all about the best features and then make small conversation again. Remember to read the room.

If you are on the phone, speak about your experience, and listen to what their need are first. Than you'll be able to recommend better.

5) End strong

Offer several ways to follow up with you. Your business card, your website, your phone, messages, social media, etc. Whatever is more comfortable to them to reach you back.

If they are actively searching for a property, call them back. If they still need some time, send them an email so they have your information for future use.

Learn from your experience and adjust your script. That's the best way to create a bulletproof sales pitch.

Sonia B.

Content Creator and Graphic Designer with more than 9 years experience in Marketing, Advertising and Social Media.